Wednesday, 22 February 2017

How can we still survive? by David Kwok

I met a friend in LA today. He used to be a senior management in a major studio.
He asked me

"How did you manage to survive? The market situation back home was so bad. Regional countries provide cheaper services. You do not have huge investor's money to back you up. Your company is so small. "

This is my answer.
"At times, I do ask myself whether this is my last month. ha ha."

I applied some of the principles of how our late Prime Minister build Singapore.

1) Build strong relations and connections with major players in North America and in Asia. Make yourself useful to others. As long as you are a useful chess piece to others. You will become important though you are small.

2) Identify new trends that can propagate. Move into new areas and take advantage of first mover. Provide unique services that others cannot provide.

3) Anticipate changes. Prepare new business model and adapt fast to the change."

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