Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Concept Art Seminar and Portfolio Review 2014

CG Protege Animation School presents Free Concept Art Seminar and Portfolio Review Session supported by WDA and e2i. CG Protege Animation School brings industry speaker from the fields of Concept Art, they will be sharing their experiences within the industry and insight in Portfolio Preparation. Come and join us in the event. For more information please visit this link

New Batch of Students WIP - DM 14-01

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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Assassin's Creed Unity and Rogue is out!

We’re proud to say that parts of the new Assassin's Creed Unity and Assassin's Creed: Rogue are developed right here in Singapore! Paul Fu, Associate Lead Design from Ubisoft Singapore who worked on Rogue, said, “It’s incredible to be working on Assassin’s Creed titles and seeing a new generation of passionate, creative developers innovate right here on our little red dot.” We think it’s pretty amazing too! Both games are released today. For more information, please visit here

N.E.mation! 9 Finalist Visit!

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Minions Summer 2015

Yeah....! The minions trailer is finally here... And guess what??! Kyle Balda who is presently directing the Minions Movie along side Pierre Coffin is also coming. Kyle is here to share with you his passion in Animation! Best of all. We manage to get subsidy to reduce the ticket price for Singaporeans and PR by 50%. So better register fast. Limited special rate tickets. Check out the link

Pascal is back to his family!

Lucasfilm's Strange Magic

The Animated film is produced by Lucasfilm Animation Singapore and Industrial Light & Magic, which delivered the Oscar-winning Rango. Lucas is EP. Please visit the website link here

Job Vacancy - Singapore Polytechnic

Singapore Polytechnic's School of Digital Media & IT is looking for an animator to be part of the Diploma in Digital Animation (DDA) teaching team. Primary areas you will be teaching may include: Drawing, Visual Storytelling, 2D/3D Character Animation. A Degree in Digital Media in Animation, Computer Arts in Animation or equivalent, with at least 2 years’ relevant industrial experience in concept art/look development, visual storytelling, 2D and/or 3D character animation needed. Proficiency in using Toon Boom, Maya or equivalent software application expected. Some background in teaching is a plus. Non-degree applicants with significant production experience and who have held a related team lead/supervisory position will also be considered. Please email me at with your contact details and link to your website/portfolio ASAP. We are still considering applicants. Only shortlisted applicants will be called in for interview. Thanks and have a great day!

Pascal Campion Masterclass was a success!

Thank you Pascal for your passion and sharing. The experience is so wonderful. We are planning to do it again next Summer 2015. So stay connected with us.

Pascal Masterclass participants

CG Protege Animation Crew

Lecturers from Ngee Ann Poly- School of ICT. Thanks for all the help and support for the event.

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CG Protege Students WIP

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Kyle Balda Fun Fact "The Mask"

20 years ago, The Mask (1994) showed us how animation plays a great part even in the way we watch live-action movies. One of the animators on the show, Kyle Balda, would move on to work on Toy Story, Despicable Me, and even direct the upcoming Minions movie, and is coming down to Singapore early next year to share the secrets behind his successful animation career.

Interesting Documentary on Animation and Merchandising

Very interesting documentary on Animation and Merchandising. It changes your whole perspective and understanding of the industry.

Entrepreneurship in Animation Facebook Page

We have started a group to share animation business news and knowledge in animation entrepreneurship in hope to help more independent producers to setup their own company. If you would like to join this close group, please drop a mail to to introduce yourself. We are avoiding non related posting. Link to the facebook page here

The next Asia Market for TV and Film.

The next Asia Market for TV and Film.

Kyle Balda Fun Facts "The Lorax"

Kyle Balda's Fun Fact: Did you know that Kyle Balda is the co-director of The Lorax (2012)? Kyle is coming to Singapore in Jan 2015. At his coming Singapore Master Class, he will be sharing his past experience.

Kyle Balda Fun Facts "Mars Attack"

Kyle Balda Fun Facts time!! Did you know that Kyle Balda working as lead character animator in ILM on Mars Attack, the quirky science fiction comedy directed by Tim Burton!

Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart Giveaway!

CG Protege is happy to give away 10 pairs of invitations to the preview of "Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart"! For those of you interested, please write to and mention 'CG Protege' to be in the draw to win the invitations. 

Details of screening: 
Film: Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart (rated PG) 
Language: French dialogue, with English subtitles 
Date: Thursday, 30 October 2014 
Time: 7pm 

Synopsis of the movie: 
Edinburgh, 1874. Jack is born on the coldest day in the history of the world, his heart frozen solid. Dr. Madeleine saves his life by inserting a cuckoo clock in place of his defective heart. The boy will survive, thanks to that magical contraption, but only if he observes three golden rules: First of all, he must never touch the hands of the clock. Secondly, he must control his anger. And last, but certainly not least, he must never, ever fall in love.

Devil's Dare

Calling all gamers! Local games company, Secret Base, has come up with a new 2D zombie-fighting game called “Devil’s Dare”! It allows you to team up with up to 3 other players to wipe out zombies and monsters. Try out the arcade-inspired game, which releases on Steam today! Find out more about the game at Secret Base’s website

Kyle Balda Fun Fact "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2"

Fun Animation Fact. Who would have guessed that one of the animators who worked on Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, Kyle Balda, would rise among the crowd to direct the upcoming Despicable Me Minions movie! Don't miss the chance to meet the man himself when he drops by Singapore to share his secrets to creating great animation! Find out more here

Monday, 20 October 2014

Kyle Balda Fun Fact "Jumanji"

Fun Fact about Kyle Balda, our next speaker at CG Protege Animation School. Did you know he began his career in the early 90s as a student at Calarts and soon afterwards joined the crew of Industrial Light and Magic where he eventually acted as the supervising animator on ‘Jumanji’ (1995).

Kyle Balda Fun Fact "Monster Inc."

Fun Fact about Kyle Balda, he worked as an animator for the feature film Monster Inc. One of the favorite Pixar animation of all time!

New Student Works


Job Opening : 15Th OCT

 The job scope is as followed:
1) 4 Level 2 interactive courseware require to complete.
2) Skill needed is Unity software and C sharp programming
3) Time given for each courseware is 4 weeks
4) We can train the students how to use Unity but they need to have some knowledge of C sharp programming.
5) 1 student to take on per courseware.
6) Fee not to be posted publically. We need to start work urgently.

ST Electronics (e-Services) Pte Ltd Blk
1003 Bukit Merah Central
#01-01 Inno.Centre
Singapore 159836

DID : (65) 6506 5507
FAX : (65) 6274 9831

Kyle Balda Fun Facts "A Bug's Life"

Kyle Balda is our next speaker for 2 Days Animation Masterclass in 2015. Did you know that his first animation job when he landed at Pixar is A Bug's Life? It is the second Disney / Pixar Film, produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures in 1998! Don\t we all love that movie. Kyle started as additional animator at Pixar and BAM! Now he is directing Minions which is coming out in 2015!


Check out the Singapore Pavilion we have set up in #MIPCOM 2014! So proud of our local productions and collaborations. Stay tuned for more updates on our Twitter (@MDASingapore) later!

Note from CEO, David Kwok take on building Dream Defenders

Building this company has brought me to places I never dared to dream of. One thing that I have learnt is that you need to keep trying no matter how impossible it may seem. The dream keeps you alive and keeps you going. Someday you may get there. Even if you don't, its the journey that matters. Not just the destination. 

Stepping into Dreamworks Animation was one of those “impossible” dreams of mine. This is probably not a big deal for those who works in the US industry, but for someone like me from this “tiny island”, it was something beyond my wildest imagination. 

 Many years ago, I had the honour of meeting a US executive who was running one of the largest US Animation Studio in Singapore. Years later, she became one of the key executive at Dreamworks. Having only met her just once, I thought that she would have probably forgotten about me. Still, I tried my luck at contacting her anyway. Unsurprisingly, I didn't get a reply; which is very normal when you write to someone so high up there. I tried again after 6 months. And this time, astonishingly, I got a reply. She told me she had forwarded my mail to another important executive who was handling all of Dreamworks' major overseas operations. This is a miracle and I am really thankful to every one who gave me such a rare opportunity. 

At that time, I was hungry to find opportunities for our crew. Without second thought, I immediately bought an air ticket and flew to Glendale. (Though I was left with only $67.50 in my personal bank and was surviving with just 2 credit cards at that time.This was during one of those struggling times when we first started.) 

I have to admit, I was nervous. This is a rare honour. I kept checking the time, waiting for every moment to go by. At last, I finally met the Dreamworks executive face to face. He was really nice to me, asking me about my humble beginnings, my passions, and what I did. It felt like I was meeting another artist rather than an unapproachable business executive. I felt very comfortable talking to him, as he made me feel confident about myself. 

I am glad that he gave me his time. However it all had to come to an end eventually with "Thank you. Lets continue this conversation and see what happens." At that point, I said to myself. "That is it. This is probably the furthest I will go. I am very happy. At least I got to meet the man and walk into this beautiful studio." 

A few months later, I was in Cannes MIPCOM for business when I received a message. It was from the Dreamworks executive: "I am coming to Singapore to see you if that is ok. I would like to visit your studio and get to know more about what you do." I was stunned. It was a dream come true! Unfortunately I wasn't in Singapore at that time, but my staff received him and showed him around. Though nothing really concrete came out of it at that time, it was definitely a memorable experience. 

However I didn't let the chapter end here. Every year, I make it a point to visit Dreamworks to try my luck. I am still doing it to this day. And earlier this year, I have been blessed with securing a meeting with another top executive who gave me a chance to talk to him. And that is why I will continue to go back every year, to continue making contacts and to keep the conversation going. 

Today, our Dream Defenders our IP is distributed by Dreamworks Classic. With blessing, it has reached out to 60 countries with Dreamworks' help. I will keep trying, and hope that someday, I can finally get the chance to met the CEO and pitch Dream Defenders to him. I know its sounds like a long shot. I guess its the passion that keeps me going. Someday I may be there. Even if I don't, its the journey that matters. Not just the destination. Hope the story motivates and inspires you. Hope to see you at my talk.