Friday, 29 May 2015

Career in Animation Talk

Our CEO, David Kwok giving a talk about Career in Animation at Hillgrove Secondary School

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Words from our CEO, David Kwok about taking investors money

 Some lessons that I have learnt when I first started my own animation studio. Hope it inspires you. Read more of the article here

The Chilli Crab Analogy

The question on producing an animated film based on a localised concept. I have compiled the notes for those who has missed previous discussion.

Read more about this article here

Friday, 22 May 2015

Safeguard your future. Start creating an IP and brand of your own.

artwork credit, Dominic Qwek

Words shared from our CEO, David Kwok.

I have written the following for Indonesian Artists who have written to me during the past few days. If you have sometime, please go through the article. Hope it opens your mind and this might just change your future.

Read more here

I have briefly spoken to an Indonesian university to run a 3 days seminar to touch on topics like this to help artists. If you are interested, please complete the form. (Please help spread the word to those who are interested)

Link of form here

Interview Article with Gumi Asia's CEO, Mr David Ng

Read the interview here

Lee Hsien Long Award

NYP student receives inaugural Lee Hsien Loong Award. Shared from Channel NewsAsia Singapore

Digital pandas, dragons and lemurs to go on show at ArtScience Museum

Animation created by A Singaporean Company Robot Playground

Animation created by A Singaporean Company Robot Playground.

Zen Koi from Local Game Company, LandShark Game

Shared from Media Development Authority, Singapore

Keep Calm and... Collect Koi fishes? Local game company, LandShark Games, has recently launched Zen Koi, a blend of soothing action and strategic collection game that is sure to keep you cool as a cucumber. With over 300 visually stunning Koi designs, this almost meditative gameplay is surprisingly addictive. So if you're stressed, give it a shot! It’s also one of the 12 local games featured at Casual Connect Asia’s Indie Prize showcase!

More info on Zen Koi at

4th French Animation Film Festival

Check this link for more information

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


In the past, we are very dependent on government fundings to produce animation. Times has changed. Do look at the kind of projects and some serious money raised through crowdfundings. I am not saying it is easy. (Getting government fundings is not easy too.) You need to have a strong campaign and fans to support you. And it helps to build your IP and brand for a long term. Its worth thinking. link

Its the journey that matters. Not the destination

An article about how we fought our way through and landed our first step into Dreamworks. Hope it inspires and motivates you. link…/its-th…/ We are planning to come back to Jakarta to run a 3 days seminar to share more in depth business knowledge in animation. Hope you can help us to do a survey. I would like to find out if there is enough interest before I speak with the University in Jakarta about

Importance of Storyboard and Previs

Before we worked on Ben 10 destroy all aliens. I never really understood the importance of storyboards, layout and previs. This is so cool. Such skill is really neglected by many schools.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Word from our CEO, David Kwok

Since we came back from our last seminar in Jakarta, many Indonesian Artists have been writing to me. Asking me business questions on animated film making and TV series. I am impressed with some of the quality of the IP presented to me. Some of them has so much potential. What is only lacking is the right business directions. Once they understand the business mechanism behind it, they will not ended up wasting time and money in the wrong area. And able to bring their IP to the world market.

Some notes I have written. Hope it is useful to you. As and when I have any interesting discussion with any artists in future, I will share here. Keep up the good work.

Creating Animated Film with More Mature Materials link

How do you manage your risk during the process of developing a series. link

With all these discussions, we are now planning to run a 3 days in depth IP creation class that touches on Animation Business and IP Creation.

Hope you can help us to do a survey. I would like to find out if there is enough interest before I speak with the University here about this. link

For Course Details please go to link 

Thanks for your support.

An animation done by a Singapore Robot Playground

An animation done by a Singapore Robot Playground

Monday, 11 May 2015

Word from our CEO, David Kwok

Some of the artists who attended my seminar asked me some questions of their animated film. 
The opinion below is based on my limited knowledge of your market. So I hope my comments do not offend anyone. If I do, I apologise in advance. I am just trying to help. But will no ill intention. 

Most young artist do not think its important to understand the business side of animation. Unless your focus is to create a film purely for art and do not intend to make money. Then that is ok. Else you really need to understand the nature of the market. 

When I was in Jakarta. Students asked me why there are so many good talents in Indonesia and IP. But it cannot get out of Indonesia. 

If you really want global investor and distributor to be interested in your film, you really need to work on good designs. Designs that will allow you to make merchandise. 

Most artists want to make films about wars and fighting. Such violent genre is only good for art film. It is not suitable for children. 

If you want to create a film to maximise opportunity, you need to target Rated G for Children. And target at Family Entertainment. Not just for Geeks (Otaku) Hence you need to understand parents. They are the one who brings kids to the cinema. Not the kids themselves. 

 E.g In the eyes of artist, this is high quality.

Space Pirate Captain Harlock link

And this might not be so interesting to some artists.  

Nutz Job link

The results is as follows: Space Pirate Captain Harlock Global Box Office is USD$17,137,302 (17 Million) Nutz Job Global Box Office is USD$113,307,962 (113 Million) 

In Cinema business, 50% goes to Cinema rental. 25% to 30% goes to Distributor. The remaining goes to Advertising and Publicity. You are left with nothing if you don't have merchandising and licensing deal. In the past, you can depend on DVD sales. But now DVD is dead because of the new Video on Demand platform. 

If you want to create something local. Make sure you modified it so that it can travel internationally. Like making Singapore Chili Crab sweet instead of too spicy for the Western market. 

End of the day, we are still talking about business. If you demonstrated that your product has a global potential, investor will feel safer to invest in you. 

What Lakon Animasi did is interesting. "Pada Suatu Ketika" The tranformer one. 

Hope I get the name right. This is what I call Chilli Crab for the Global Market. And a potential for merchandise. 

This is one example. 

A Korean Animation supported by both Toy Manufacturer and Car Company (KIA) 
The background link
The Toy link
The Series link

I have so much more to share. 

Maybe my next seminar in Jakarta again. Hope you find it useful.

Industry Focus Group at the Binus University

We are touched by the warm welcome by the talents in Indonesia. The salary each artist made seems to be a challenge as compared to the rising cost of living in Indonesia. One member in the focus group asked me if I have plans to setup a studio in Indonesia. My answer is I am not here to tap on the low labour cost in Indonesia. I am here to share my own experience in setting up my own studio and how did I manage to bring my IP to a global market. With this effort, I hope it will expose the talents to a whole new world of opportunities and ideas. So that they can build their own studio and secure their own future. In a long run, improve the life of the artists. That is the mission of our trip. I hope to come back again to continue this effort and collaboration. And hope to build more friendship and relationship. It adds meaning to what we do.

Hope our effort doesn't just benefit the students but also the Indonesia Animation Industry. For more pictures please visit our facebook page


IP Creation Talk at Binus University

A talk on IP creation at the Binus University. Hopefully what we shared in IP creation will inspire younger generation of Indonesians to build their own future in the animation industry. And fight for their dreams just like what we did. For more pictures please visit our facebook page

Visit to Binus International

Visit to Binus University

Business Trip to Indonesia, Binus University and Binus International (1)

Binus University and Binus International is one of the top private University in Indonesia. We are honoured to have established the relationship with them. We look forward to work with them as an industry consultant and share with the students our knowledge and experience.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day for all the mom in the world. Illustration by Pascal Campion

Friday, 8 May 2015

Word from our CEO, David Kwok

Due to some reasons, I was not arranged to see the major Chinese Players at the market. These players are amazingly big. They owed themeparks, TV stations, toy companies, theme restaurants and shopping malls. 

My Korean business friend told me not to give up. Asked me to gate crash. (I like their courage and spirit. Something we should learn from) So I humble myself and tried. 

I took the courage and went right in. When I saw them, I started by apologizing for intruding and beg them to give me a chance. I told them that I will be fast as I do not require interpreter. At the end, the Chinese were impressed and they are ready to discuss about bringing Dream Defenders in larger scale in China. I am really thankful to my Korean friend for his encouragement. 

It used to be an advantage for Koreans who speak English in Korea. Now it is Chinese Language that many has started to learn. 

One lesson I learnt from this experience is not to neglect the importance of language skill. I used to wonder what use do I have for being able to speak Cantonese, Chinese and French. Now it becomes a blessing when I do business with French, Hk and China. You don't have to read and write. At least able to speak and understand. Even a few words will make the difference in relationships. This could be your advantage and you might be thankful like me someday. 

Business opportunities to meet someone important do not happen everyday. Once you see it. Don't hesitate. Don't think twice. Take a deep breath. Go for it. Whether you fail or succeed. At least you try. If you lose the chance, you might never be given a second chance. 

Once I saw Jeffrey Katzenberg in his car at Dreamworks. The car stopped. I hesitate whether I should go forward and introduce myself. In the end, I didn't have the courage. Now I can only regret. Ha ha.

Word from our CEO, David Kwok

My Korea Journey Reflection of my valuable experience in Korea Animation Industry. The friendship and relationship I have built over the years.

Read more about it from this link 

Monday, 4 May 2015

Toy company in Korea

This is one of the key toys company we met in Korea. We see this new industry trend. Toys company in Korea. Manufacturing in China. China has players who owns TV stations, theme restaurants, in door themeparks in shopping malls etc. Animation companies are looking for investment and collaboration with consortium like this. This is something for Singapore to learn and catchup. Check out their website here

For more sharing of business knowledge in animation, join our group.

International Seminar on Animation Intellectual Property at Binus, Jakarta with our Founder and CEO

David Kwok, CEO of Tiny Island Productions (which produced Dream Defenders Series) and CG Protege Animation School will be giving a talk in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Date: 9 May 2015
Time: 09.00 - 12.00
Venue: BINUS University (Jakarta)
Kampus Anggrek
Registration: Send your name and contacts to
Read about the story of Dream Defenders Adventure here
Topic Covers;
Public Seminar on "Selling Valuable Characters in Creative Field"
- What is Valuable Character?
- Preparing Your Character to Industry
He will be sharing the company personal experience on how did they bring Dream Defenders to the Global Platform and hoping that this experience will inspire more Indonesian talents to build their own IP and build their own company in future.

How to prepare your Cover Letter and Resume

If you are a new graduates, preparing a cover letter and resume could be a tough one. But fret not, our lecturer sharing some tips on how to preparing Cover Letter and Resume for a Job Application!

Check out his blog and note down the points there! Good luck on your job hunting!