Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Diploma Modelling Student's Work

For more students work please visit here

Visit to Shanghai Media Group

Visit to Shanghai Media Group. They are one of the major investor of Oriental DreamWorks. For more picture please visit here

Friday, 4 September 2015

CG Protege Animation School " Character Design Program"

CG Protege Animation School new course "Character Design" is open for registration. 

Thanks to MDA supports, now you can access to ALL 3 courses for ONLY $730 

This class will be taught by Aaron Lin, Art Director from Zealot Digital and Wong Peng Ven, Art / Creative Director from Animagine. 

For more information please visit our website  
Interested please register to admin@cgprotege.com

Talk show in West Java, Indonesia

Tips To Monetize Your IP with David Kwok
Friday, October 9th 2015
BIAF Talkshow, Stage Simply Valore Hotel
West Java Indonesia

FREE ACCESS Limited Seat for 150 Only !
To Register : www.biaf.co.id

Character Design Seminar and Portfolio Review

Thanks to e2i with their help, we organized Character Design Seminar and Portfolio Review Session. We are so glad that the participants enjoy the talk. We had Aaron from Zealot Digital and Wong Peng Ven from Animagine to share with us their experience in the industry and short demo to WOW the participants.

IP Course by our CEO

For the last 10 years, Singapore has been focusing on building its animation production workforce. Moving forward, its important for us to nurture animation business leadership in IP creation to bring Singapore to the next 10 years. 

We will be sharing our experience and knowledge in how we manage to bring a Singapore Created IP to the world stage. As well as experience gained from building a company from scratch without external investment. 

For those who has an IP, we will be offering free consultation to guide you through. 

Interested please drop a mail to admin@cgprotege.com (HALF OF THE CLASS ALREADY BEEN FILLED. PLEASE REPLY BEFORE 28th AUG) 

Phone Contact: 
Past Training Background: 
What you hope to gain from this course: 

To help indie producers to move into the area of IP creations. To help individuals acquire business knowledge in animation. 

Part One : 22th Sep to 22th Oct 
How to Bring your IP from Ideas to Development? Part 1 (30hrs) 
After MDA Subsidy - Singaporeans / PR - S$ 275

Part two : 27th Oct to 26th Nov 
How to Bring your IP from Development to Monetization? Part 2 (30hrs) 
After MDA Subsidy - Singaporeans / PR - S$ 275

Science Jubilee

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the work created by Lucasfilm, here in Singapore, for the summer blockbuster, Jurassic World. Visual Effects Artists at ILM Singapore helped bring to life a world in which dinosaurs roam and soar. Website

IP Talk in Indonesia

Hello, friends from Indonesia! It's confirmed. Our CEO will be speaking at BIAF to share with you his experience. Friday, Oct 9th 2015 2pm to 4pm Simply Valore Hotel BAROS - Cimahi City West Java Indonesia Limited to 150 seats only. To Register Visit

Storyboard Course : Understanding Cinematography

CG Protege presents Storyboard : Understanding Cinematography. A 30 hours / 5 weeks short course to learn how to compose a shot correctly and understand the significance of everything you design. This is a class for students who have a strong drawing foundation. You will focus on learning about the Elements and Principles of Art that will help you communicate your thoughts to the audience through a visual language. Students will study and create your own visual language to tell a story. 

Class started on 1st September 2015. Interested applicants, please apply for the 90% subsidy with *Six Degrees by 11 August 2015. 

Applications of subsidy are subjected to Six Degrees / MDA's approval. 

*Six Degrees funding is only applicable to Singapore Citizens and PRs who are Media Practitioners or Freelancers and Fresh Graduates. 

For more information please go to our website

Feel free to call us at +6564737502

End of Pascal Campion Masterclass 2015

Thanks Pascal, we had fun!