Thursday, 29 January 2015

Know your Intellectual Property in Animation

"Thank you for coming to support our talk last night at IPOS. The turn out was great. More than 100 people turn up. Its my honour that you are here with me. Hope it inspired you. IPOS has recorded the talk. We will share with you who has missed it. Hope you can continue to support us." - David Kwok

Another industry training exercise from Benita

Another industry training exercise from Benita. One week model. One week texture and light.


Storyboard: The Importance of Story - New Short Course

We still have some slots remaining for our upcoming batch of Storyboard: The Importance of Story commencing 28th Feb 2015.

Subsidy is available from Six Degrees for Media Practitioner & Freelancers plus Fresh Media Graduates. 

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Strange Magic

Sharing some articles about George Lucas when he was in Singapore from Channel Newsasia & Yahoo!

Photo courtesy of Yahoo!

Upcoming Courses

Upcoming Courses and Events from CG Protege Animation School 

WSQ Introduction to Character Animation 
Tentative Commencement Date: 2nd Feb 2015 

Storyboard: The Importance of Story 
Commencement Date: 28th Feb 2015

Creature Design & Development Masterclass by Dominic Qwek 
Event Schedule: 14th March 2015 10am to 5pm

To find out more please write to

Special Training for one of our VFX student Benita Lee

Special Training for one of our VFX student Benita Lee. The focus is on actual industry training. Training for speed and detail. This is the reference. One day model and one day texture.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Creature Design & Development Masterclass

Great news! We are having a one day Creature Design & Development Masterclass with Dominic Qwek on 14 March 2015. Check out his awesome work here . Interested, please register here

For more information here

New Animation Student Demo Reel

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Shared from Dim Sum Warriors' News

If you're in Singapore, catch Colin on 'Conversation With' on Channel NewsAsia at 8.30 pm. It'll feature New York Comic Con footage of our stand, and a conversation about the challenges of publishing in today's climate!

Upcoming Courses

Here are some of our upcoming courses with their tentative commencement dates. 

WSQ Introdcution to Character Animation - 2nd Feb 2015
WSQ Introduction to VFX - 23rd Feb 2015

For more information on CG Protege Short Courses, please visit this link

If you are interested to join any of the courses, please write to

Shared from Media Development Authority, Singapore

Shared from Media Development Authority, Singapore

Now that the new year has kicked in, we’re looking out for a new batch of Media Education Scholarship (MES) recipients! If you’re interested, and you think you've got what it takes, apply now! Application period runs now till 31st March 2015! Read more about MES here:

IP Academy launching the Media Producer’s IP Toolkit

IP Academy launching the Media Producer’s IP Toolkit 

The programme seeks to give participants an understanding of:
* How different intellectual property rights can arise and be protected in media productions 
* The usual IP issues that arise in a media production 
* How contracts are formed, and function in relation to IP issues in a transaction 
* How to use typical production-related contracts and IP clauses
* The concept of and processes involved in rights clearance 
* The typical financing and exploitation models in film and television production More info can be found here

The Importance of Storytelling

The Importance of Storytelling by Davis Vu. Learn how to tell a story. Be it a feature film, TV series, or ads, it is fundamental to communicate your idea clearly and effectively. This discussion focuses on the creation of an idea of a story and developing it into a complete story. It is for those who love story telling and want to communicate their ideas effectively through the medium of storyboard.

 See more pics here

Aaron Lin's work.

Aaron Lin is our previous speaker at CG Protege Concept Art Seminar.

WSQ Introduction to Character Animation

We are planning to have a batch early Feb, so if you are interested to learn "Introduction to Character Animation" please contact

Heartland Hubby

 New trailer with the main theme! Mark your cals - 7 Jan 9.30pm on 5! 

CG Protege VFX Course

Launching a space shuttle at the Marina Bay Sands? Creating Monster in the Singapore River? Freezing the whole entire Boat Quay? That is what we do everyday. You have to see to believe it.

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Happy New Year 2015

Concept Art Seminar and Portfolio Review 2014

Our CEO, David Kwok in opening speech

Jose talks about Character Design

Calvin giving demo and some lecture about Lighting

 Aaron giving demo on Environment Design

 Davis talks about Story telling / Story building

 Jose giving portfolio review 

Aaron giving portfolio review

Davis giving portfolio review

Basheer joined us too and the participants were given 20% voucher to shop at Basheer Book! Thanks Basheer! For more picture please visit here