Sunday, 7 April 2013

The signing of the MOU with Mendaki Sense

The signing of the MOU with Mendaki Sense marks the beginning of a new relationship between the 2 organisations.

In our society, those who do not excel in academic studies are often left behind with lower income in their careers. Fortunately, the CG Industry is one that rewards and recognises workers based on talent and skills rather than paper-qualifications and academic results.

We hope that through the joint assistance of Mendaki Sense and the training expertise and efforts of CG Protege,  we can reach out to those who have more potential for creative excellence than academic ones.

By equipping and upgrading their skills in Visual Effects, Games and Animation, we can give them a second chance, to bring their careers to a higher level and thus enabling them to strive for a better living in Singapore.

Minister for Information, Communication and the Arts. Dr Yaacob Ibrahim with David Kwok. Founder of CG Protege.

Official Opening of Sense East in conjunction with MOU Signing Ceremony

Dr Yaacob Ibrahim opening address

Minister Dr Dr Yaacob Ibrahim and our outstanding graduate Haji Hasnadi Hassan who is currently working with DoubleNegative. Previously with Lucasfilm's Jedi Master Program for 6 months, Haji now has the opportunity to work on many hollywood blockbusters including Ironman 2.

Haji with the journalist

WDA Director and Assistant Director Creative and Professional Services Division, CG Protege Industrial Relations Manager,Founder CG Protege and our outstanding graudate Haji Hasnadi Hassan

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