Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Introduction Talk - Business Leadership in Animation


We are planning to hold the talk to gauge the interest level. 

Its this Sat 13th Apr. 2pm. At e2i

For those who are interested, please register yourself with admin@cgprotege.com and under subject put "BUSINESS LEADERSHIP IN ANIMATION" Leave down your name, contact number, qualification and experience. So that we will send you the details of the talk later.


We are exploring to launch a program to help individual start their animation company. The program has an in depth strategic plan to help grow our industry.

As this is a pilot program. We plan to select ONLY the best 5 candidates from a pool of applicants for the program.

The nature of the program is like a Master Chef Program. Each of the 5 candidates will register a company. Then an experience mentor who has experience in running an MNC and a Local Company here will attach to these 5 candidates for a year. During the year, each will be given a budget to hire a team of artists to work with them to develop a IP and a teaser (Hence creating jobs for the rest as well). And eventually we hope to take them to Cannes MIPCOM for exposures to meet global players. They will pitch to govt, investors, broadcasters and distributors. Hopefully at the end of the program, they will secure a distribution deal, co production deal or investment deal after a year.

During the year, each candidate will gain experience in

1) Budgeting
2) Hiring and managing production
3) Financial, Business and strategic planning
4) What to look out for in contracts
5) Understanding of the animation film and TV market
6) Pitching process
7) Distribution, Licensing and merchandising market
8) How to protect your IP etc and many more.

The program is not an academic program. It is more practical base. With the objective to help creative people gain business leadership skill for the animation industry which is very much lacking here. The candidates will be exposed to real contacts in the global industry. And they should make use of the year to build relations. We will share trade survival skills. And during the year. We will invite entrepreneurs in this field to share their experience in starting up their own company and investment gate keepers to explain what they are looking for.

We hope through this program. We can help to create more entrepreneurs in the animation industry like in Korea, HK and Taiwan. Only you can control your own destiny.

Those who wants to venture into this. Must be prepared to fail and take risk.

The program is opened to PR and Singaporeans only. Applicants must have strong creative and story development skills. As our focus is preparing you in business skills. Not art skill.

At the end of the course, you will have your own company, an IP / Teaser. And a comprehensive set of business skills to get yourself started. By the end of the program, you are ready to continue your journey or work for others as an assistant executive producer.

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