Thursday, 25 April 2013

Introduction to Digital Visual Effects

Course Fee with GST: $535

Schedule: 4th May Sat - 10am to 5pm (6hrs with 1hr break)
                  6th May Mon - 7pm to 10pm (3hrs)
                  8th May Mon - 7pm to 10pm (3hrs)
                 10th May Mon - 7pm to 10pm (3hrs)

Duration: 15 hours

This is a 15 hour module : 3 week duration l twice a week l 5 sessions l 3 hours per session

Topics Covered

1. Applying Shaders for VFX
2. Create Effect Rigs for VFX
3. Particle Effects & Studies
4. Element Creations (Fluid, Fire, Smoke, Debris)
5. Camera Tracking
6. Rotoscoping
7. Matchmoving
8. Color Correction
9. Lighting for VFX
10. Composite for Realism

If you are interested, please call 64737502 or drop us an email to

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