Monday, 18 May 2015

Word from our CEO, David Kwok

Since we came back from our last seminar in Jakarta, many Indonesian Artists have been writing to me. Asking me business questions on animated film making and TV series. I am impressed with some of the quality of the IP presented to me. Some of them has so much potential. What is only lacking is the right business directions. Once they understand the business mechanism behind it, they will not ended up wasting time and money in the wrong area. And able to bring their IP to the world market.

Some notes I have written. Hope it is useful to you. As and when I have any interesting discussion with any artists in future, I will share here. Keep up the good work.

Creating Animated Film with More Mature Materials link

How do you manage your risk during the process of developing a series. link

With all these discussions, we are now planning to run a 3 days in depth IP creation class that touches on Animation Business and IP Creation.

Hope you can help us to do a survey. I would like to find out if there is enough interest before I speak with the University here about this. link

For Course Details please go to link 

Thanks for your support.

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