Monday, 11 May 2015

Word from our CEO, David Kwok

Some of the artists who attended my seminar asked me some questions of their animated film. 
The opinion below is based on my limited knowledge of your market. So I hope my comments do not offend anyone. If I do, I apologise in advance. I am just trying to help. But will no ill intention. 

Most young artist do not think its important to understand the business side of animation. Unless your focus is to create a film purely for art and do not intend to make money. Then that is ok. Else you really need to understand the nature of the market. 

When I was in Jakarta. Students asked me why there are so many good talents in Indonesia and IP. But it cannot get out of Indonesia. 

If you really want global investor and distributor to be interested in your film, you really need to work on good designs. Designs that will allow you to make merchandise. 

Most artists want to make films about wars and fighting. Such violent genre is only good for art film. It is not suitable for children. 

If you want to create a film to maximise opportunity, you need to target Rated G for Children. And target at Family Entertainment. Not just for Geeks (Otaku) Hence you need to understand parents. They are the one who brings kids to the cinema. Not the kids themselves. 

 E.g In the eyes of artist, this is high quality.

Space Pirate Captain Harlock link

And this might not be so interesting to some artists.  

Nutz Job link

The results is as follows: Space Pirate Captain Harlock Global Box Office is USD$17,137,302 (17 Million) Nutz Job Global Box Office is USD$113,307,962 (113 Million) 

In Cinema business, 50% goes to Cinema rental. 25% to 30% goes to Distributor. The remaining goes to Advertising and Publicity. You are left with nothing if you don't have merchandising and licensing deal. In the past, you can depend on DVD sales. But now DVD is dead because of the new Video on Demand platform. 

If you want to create something local. Make sure you modified it so that it can travel internationally. Like making Singapore Chili Crab sweet instead of too spicy for the Western market. 

End of the day, we are still talking about business. If you demonstrated that your product has a global potential, investor will feel safer to invest in you. 

What Lakon Animasi did is interesting. "Pada Suatu Ketika" The tranformer one. 

Hope I get the name right. This is what I call Chilli Crab for the Global Market. And a potential for merchandise. 

This is one example. 

A Korean Animation supported by both Toy Manufacturer and Car Company (KIA) 
The background link
The Toy link
The Series link

I have so much more to share. 

Maybe my next seminar in Jakarta again. Hope you find it useful.

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