Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Little thoughts

Recently I came across a discussion in one of the forum about ITE students getting worried about their future as they are concerned that polytechnic does not have enough places for all of them.

I would say concentrate in your skill development. That is most important and it is something no one can take away from you. If you are only chasing after a paper, eventually you will realise it is useless. I have seen people from ITE to Poly then to University chasing the paper blindly. Only ended up being jobless again.

In our industry, the candidate is paid based on skill not qualification. You can work for a few years. Gain enough experience. Then return back to your studies if you want.

Students who has taken this path actually do better in their studies and career. In Western Countries, this is common. Especially in Europe. Once you are in the industry, you know what is expected of you. And then when you go back to school, you will absorb better. Your industry experience will help you understand how to apply what you have learnt. And this is very valuable.

Learn with an objective in mind. But not blindly chasing after the paper. On top of that, due to your previous experience before going back to studies, you will not be seen as a fresh grad as compared to your peers when you graduate.

We are working with many ITE students. After one year of focusing on improving their portfolio. They will work in the industry and be paid like any other polytechnic students. As the pay is based on their skill. Not their qualification.

Learning is a life long process. That is the mindset we need to change. It doesn't end when you leave school.

Focus on skill. And make sure your skill is relevant and always staying ahead. Always developed your niche. So that no one can easily replace you. Think global. Not local.

- David Kwok, CEO CG Protege Animation School -

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