Tuesday, 17 September 2013

CG Protege presents CG Industry Seminar and YOU ARE INVITED!

This coming Sat, we are working with e2i to run a CG Industry Seminar. We are lining up a series of exciting talks on Animation, Pre production, Visual Effects, IP creation, Industry outlook, Portfolio etc.
The objective is to help those who are still studying / about to graduate / those who wants to enter the industry to understand how they should prepare themselves for the industry. It is free entrance. 

Free Entrance:
Venue: e2i Blk G (141 Redhill Road - Redhill MRT) 

Date: 21st Sept Sat
Time: 11am to 5pm
Interested, please send the following to admin@cgprotege.com to register now

Name, profession, email and contact number
Subject Heading: CG Industry Talk
Speaker 1: Davis Vu - Pre Production and IP Creation

Davis Vu is an American Animation Director, Story Artist, Animator, and Designer. After graduation from CalArts in 2010, Davis has worked on films and games at Warner Bros. Feature Animation (Storyboard), Imagi Animation Studios (Storyboard), Wayforward Technologies (Animator and Character Designer), and Little Lives (Creative Director). Projects that he has worked on include: "Gatchaman" (2010), "Yogi Bear" (2010), "Spongebob Squigglepants" (2010), "Blood Rayne" (2011), "Twinkle Trails" Webseries (2011), "Dream Defenders" (2012), "Squeak: the Book" (2013), and various other pilot projects in Los Angeles and Singapore. He's currently an Animation Director at Tiny Island Productions, Storyboard Lecturer at CG Protege, an illustrator for books by UBU Publications, and Part-Time Lecturer at ADM at Nanyang Technological University teaching Storyboarding, Applied Drawing, Foundation Drawing, and Drawn Animation II. His short films, "Spayeti and Meatball" and "Paper Lantern" have played at the International Festival of Cinema and Technology (Los Angeles) and CalArts Producer's Show (Hollywood) respectively.

Davis Vu's work

Speaker 2: Patrick Woo - A journey into the VFX industry

Patrick was a Effects TD at Double Negative Singapore. He has been working with Double Negative from November 2007 to may 2012. Many occasion, Patrick was given a chance to work at the London head office. His production experience includes Costume TD work, Simulation of costume / accessories / props. Maya and Houdini, Environment work and Matchmoving work. The movies he has worked on include Hellboy2, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Paul, Sherlock Holmes and many more. Before he joined Double Negative. He is one of the top students from our school. He graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a Diploma in Film, Sound and Video.

Patrick Woo's work

Speaker 3: Jose Cua - Zbrush for Designers

Jose is an art director currently working at Tiny Island Productions in Singapore. He has worked in Animation, Games, Illustration and Toys. Having started of as a generalist in a post production house Jose continues to use 3d as a means to express his ideas and designs . Be it in animated breakdowns of transforming props and gadgets, to fully detailed zbrush maquettes of characters that he has designed. During his off hours he holds lifedrawing classes and works on his own sculptures and designs.

This is a compilation of doodles, WIP and lunch crunch images by concept art lecturer, Jose Cua.

Jose Cua's Work

Speaker 4: Willy Wong - The differences of an animator's role in a game and animation industry.

Willy Wong is an animator with diverse experience in full-length animation feature, TV series and games animation both in Singapore and overseas. He recieved his Diploma in Information Technology from Temasek Poly but his burning passion for the craft took him to Australia to pursue a Degree in Animation from Queensland University of Technology.

Willy started his career in Singapore, working in TV series and games before landing a EDB STRAT program with Polygon Pictures Inc. After two fruitful years in Japan, he return back to Singapore to join Ubisoft and later a mobile phone game startup.
His rich experience in various fields of animation granted him deep understanding on different industry production pipeline and versatility in adapting new methodologies.

His film credits includes My Friends Tigger and Pooh, Haruka and the Magic Mirror, Force Unleashed II Cinematics, Assassin Creed: Revelations and Monster Blade (an iOS action game)

Willy Wong's Work
Speaker 5: Adeeb - My Dream of being an animator. How it all begins?

Adeeb has been working in the video games industry for over 7 years. He is currently working at Ubisoft Singapore where he just finished working on Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, where he was responsible for creating most of the character behavior animations for the underwater gameplay segments.

Previously he also worked for Tecmo Koei where he worked on an MMO and various titles. Specializing in behaviour animation for games, Adeeb will be talking about his experience on how he broke into the industry and what it takes to be an animator for video games.

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