Thursday, 14 April 2016

Where is the VR market heading to? by David Kwok

I would like to share some of our own analysis of the VR market growth, based on the feedback I gathered from international clients I met. I saw there is a lot of VR 360 video growing in the market, especially in China. Almost everything on earth has been made into a 360 video. You will see this expansion growing very fast. Everyone will copy each other. Soon audience will get bore of it. How different can it be? (Unless it is meant for architecture visualizations) Soon it will just look like another QT VR.

Based on my analysis, if you are doing VR, you should start looking at interactive VR that allows audience to navigate and interact. Allow multiple user. (That is what we are testing in house.) The way you plan for the storyboard and the way you tell the story must be also different. I have seen many videos which only have events happening in front. If you look around, there is nothing happening on the left, right and behind. It defeats the purpose of having VR around.

I also see the potential platform for growth to be cheaper goggles working with a smart phone. If it is expensive goggles with expensive machines and troublesome to setup, I am not sure if that is going to take off.

The other thing I see it coming is light glasses that serve as goggles for both VR and AR to be paired with smart phone coming in. (Which is wireless.) I heard Apple is already working on something like this. This should be the future.

VR will create a whole new opportunity for the animation industry. I hope the thoughts help you to plan forward for your business.

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