Friday, 4 September 2015

Storyboard Course : Understanding Cinematography

CG Protege presents Storyboard : Understanding Cinematography. A 30 hours / 5 weeks short course to learn how to compose a shot correctly and understand the significance of everything you design. This is a class for students who have a strong drawing foundation. You will focus on learning about the Elements and Principles of Art that will help you communicate your thoughts to the audience through a visual language. Students will study and create your own visual language to tell a story. 

Class started on 1st September 2015. Interested applicants, please apply for the 90% subsidy with *Six Degrees by 11 August 2015. 

Applications of subsidy are subjected to Six Degrees / MDA's approval. 

*Six Degrees funding is only applicable to Singapore Citizens and PRs who are Media Practitioners or Freelancers and Fresh Graduates. 

For more information please go to our website

Feel free to call us at +6564737502

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