Friday, 26 June 2015

Kite (via Corrine May)

I have a new song out! It's called 'Kite'.
It's a song I co-wrote and recorded with singer-songwriter, Charlie Lim whose voice I love. (btw, he's just released his new album, so go check it out)

"After all this time, you've been on my mind.
I can't pull myself away from you.
Like a kite I'll fly, let these worlds all collide, when you anchor me to you." - Kite

Kite is a song that captures the emotional tug-of-war between being with a loved one and leaving a loved one; between being in a place that anchors you and being in a place where you can fly.

Listen/Download 'Kite' for free at

BTW, if you're an audiophile, download the song. The nuances are much better conveyed in the download.

And you can see the video animation of the song here

The song is arranged and produced by Kavin Hoo Chuin Wui . Thanks too to Ruth Ling from Red Roof Records for getting Charlie and I on board this SG50 'Sing,Love' project and for steering the project, and it's music video to fruition.

Thanks also to the T'ang Quartet who play so beautifully on the recording.
So go take a listen

I hope you enjoy it.

p.s Pic by Jana Yar

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