Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Word from our CEO, David Kwok

When I was in the US, several of my friends lost their jobs because companies are moving to Canada for the tax credits. MNC will continue to move to where the money is. Hence it is important that we must never take what we have for granted. This is true especially in Singapore where many are used to permanent employment. An artist need to prepare him / herself and one should do this while you are still young and employed. 

So what must one do? Build your own fans! 

For example: A good friend of mine is doing very well in the industry. Though he is doing well, he never takes what he has for granted. Everyday, he will take time 30mins time off, where he creates a beautiful image and share on his facebook. He does this everyday. Now he has more than 3000 images. At the sametime, he has 200k plus fans. So he started a kickstarter campaign and raise funds for his books. At the sametime, he started licensing his images for royalty. He also goes around the world to give talks and share his experience. Slowly, he is creating fans and IP. This creates a security for his own future. 

Another good friend who is working for a major studio. At the sametime, he has been building his fans on facebook. Sharing art he did daily. Sharing his knowledge through training DVD, web portal etc. Going around the world giving talks. Working on his designs and engaging 3d printing firms to create collectibles for him. 

I met another friend in the US. He was a TD but was let go because the studio closed down and went to Canada. So he and a few friends started developing an application and an IP for a TV series at home. But he wasn't sure how to market it. So I am trying to help him. 

Another friend who is working for a major studio in San Francisco. He is a story artist. He has developed a concept and went to Kidscreen to pitch it. 

Being an artist, besides being good in your artistic skill. In my opinion, it is important to understand how business function as this is the key component that drives everything around you. Rather than letting your drawings and designs buried in your sketch book. One should learn how to monetise it. One should build your fans and relations. No one can help you secure your future. Only you can do it yourself. 

And that is what we hope to share in our class. (Today is the last day for the registration)

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