Thursday, 8 May 2014

Lasalle Show 2014

The LASALLE Show 2014 Exhibition : 22nd May - 4th June, is an annual exhibition by the final year students from the Diploma, Bachelor of Arts (Honours), and Master of Arts programmes. Showcasing the works of students from Animation, Design, Fine Arts, Film, Dance, Music, Theatre, Art Therapy, and Arts Management, The LASALLE Show 2014 Exhibition marks the grand finale of an artistic education in creativity and imagination and the transformation of these young talents and minds.

Animation Exhibition Guided Tours
The Animation guided tours give future students opportunities to explore the campus, facilities and gain valuable insight into the Diploma and Degree programmes. These tours are led by our programme academics. All tours are in English and will take approximately 1 hour. Register here >>

For more details please contact Ms Aidah:
Tel: (+65) 6496 5125

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