Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Things I learnt in my own journey. By David Kwok

The topic reminded me of something. Things I learnt in my own journey.

1) PERSISTENCY & RESILIENCE “No matter how hard others kick your butt. You must still remain in position." In Hokkien I call it "Pa Si Buoy Zhao spirit" - "打死不走的精神“

2) JUST DO IT Some words have to be erased from your dictionary. " Burn out, Don't know how to do, Cannot do" must all be removed. If you want to live, JUST DO IT. No time to think of anything else.

3) ADMIT YOUR FAILURE More than often we give excuses for our incompetency. I can't do it because I am not clever, I am not gifted, I am poor, I am not handsome blah blah blah .... Admit own's failure is important. Don't be embarrassed. Failure is ok. Making mistake is ok. No need excuses. Just reflect on why you fail and try to improve. Denying it will not make you learn. The more you fail. The better you will be.

4) DON'T JUST TALK. DO IT I meet people who "talk a lot but no action"

5) THINK THINK THINK BUT STILL NO ACTION! "Don't think until cow come home still no action!" The world will not wait for you. Analyse the situation. Ask yourself. What if you fail? That is all you need to ask. Can you still stand up and walk. If your answer is YES. Do it. Stop thinking anymore. The more you think. The more you are afraid and will not do it.

In our line, I meet many people going round and round in circles. Blame (Foreign talents) FT, blame govt, blame this blame that. Get Emo (emotional) said Burn out. No one will help you.

Like what Jack Ma said. Change yourself is easy. Change others is difficult. Blame here blame there is of no use.

If you cannot change others, change yourself.

If the situation do not change. And you cannot do anything about it. Adjust yourself to try another way to overcome the obstacles. Else you will remain stationary forever.

So to me "How do I build Grit in Kids?" Make them hungry. Use the situation to force their way out.

The problem we face now is many are not hungry. When Singapore face the next crisis, I am worry we might fall apart.

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